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Camwood Powder also known as Osun or African Sandalwood Powder comes from the core of the shrubby, hard-wooded African camwood tree (Baphianitida) after peeling the bark.

It is one of the best beauty secret passed down by our ancestors. A red powder loaded with natural skin soothing properties which helps undo damages caused by the sun, pimples, skin rashes, eczema, acne and skin discolorations. Also contains detoxifying and wrinkle reducing properties.

It is used as a beauty regimen in cleansing both the face and the whole body when added to the unrefined black soap powder. The after effect is immediate leaving the skin smooth, supple and glowing.

Our camwood powder is unrefined and devoid of chemicals, making it absolutely natural.

Discover the 30 all-natural health and beauty techniques that can be achieved when the camwood powder is incorporated into your beauty regimen when you purchase the electronic book written specifically on the camwood powder by the founder of Lola Longe Botanicals, Lola Longe.


Size:  Filled in an 8oz 





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